Where is the farm located?
We are located in Brentwood, CA. our address is 501 Hoffman Lane, Brentwood, CA
What to bring to the U-Pick?

Bring hats, water bottles and if you were planning to stay out for a long time, a small cooler or a cold bag to take these back would be wonderful! And, of course, bring an appetite. Many people enjoy ample fresh mulberries from the trees while picking and we don’t charge for that!

What will be provided at the farm?
We will provide clamshells to pick your Himalayan mulberries, and boxes to pack & take them home.
How long do the mulberries last?
Himalayan Mulberries last between 4-6 days if kept cool and they also freeze well and can be used for smoothies, jams, compotes and baked goods in the future.
How to keep mulberries for long?
Washed and pat-dried Mulberries freeze really well and are perfect for smoothies, jams, baked goods, and just eating raw like a frozen Mulberry popsicle
Why is Himalayan mulberries the best variety in Mulberries?
We tried several varieties of Mulberries before settling on this one. Mulberries are a superfruit – They are delicious, have a marvellous texture, vibrant color and they are a nutrition powerhouse. We may be biased but we feel that Himalayan Purple Mulberries are the Ultimate Superfood!
Payment methods available at U-Pick?

Both cash, apple pay and card payments are acceptable with no minimum purchase restrictions.

Do you guys sell the plants? I would love to try to grow one of these trees here in my backyard.
We don’t sell the trees. It took us 2-3 years to propagate our trees.
Are dogs allowed at the farm?
While we love dogs, they are not allowed on the farm due to food safety requirements.
What's the price of mulberries/box?

Mulberries are usually found at $20-$22 a pound. We will be pricing them lower at $12/pound and selling in 8 ounce/clamshell.

I am out of mulberries that I picked? Where can I get them all week long?
Our mulberries are available online direct-to-customer retailers GoodEggs, Feed, and Airmart. We are also at select farmers market throughout the week.

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